Exclusive Interviews
Alistair Lock,
audio guy.
"...now I can do it tighter
than a very tight thing."
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Nick Briggs,
star of Audio Visuals.
"I had decided that he was a gentleman,
a scientist and an explorer
with an insatiable curiosity."
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Gary Russell,
producer of
Big Finish Productions.
"That day really was
the start of something great."
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Bill Baggs,
creator of Audio Visuals.
"he's a nutter when it comes to driving...
we narrowly avoided two lorries..."
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Nigel Fairs,
companion, author,
producer of Pisces
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dr who

I'm known as the Doctor [click for larger piccie]

It's official...

Christopher Eccleston has been cast as the Doctor in the new Doctor Who TV Series, due to air in 2005. Combined with the previously announced writer/producer Russell T. Davies, we can expect a much darker, deeper and dramatic Saturday evening hiding behind the sofa.

This is a very strong casting, one that may well upset people who like a multi-faceted Doctor. However if you want a tortured soul, and someone to drag the emotion from the pit of your stomach, Christopher Eccleston is probably able to deliver.

My only hope is the, as yet uncast, companion role, will go to Kelly Macdonald, mostly based on her work as Della Smith in State of Play

Shooting starts in Cardiff later this year, and the series will be on our screens in 2005. Meanwhile here are some clips of Christopher Eccleston...

The Doctor is coming back, and this time it's serious.

I just metup with Gary Russell (producer, director, author and lovely chap).

It's wonderful to see such a passionate, intelligent man in his element. We managed to talk at length about the various outpourings of Big Finish over the last five years, as well as reminiscences of the Audio Visual days. I've taped about 90 mins of interview, which I'll try and transcribe at some point.

Thanks so much for your time Gary, let's hope we can meet again soon :-)

Gary Russell and friends...

From Anthony Keetch

There will be a free understudy performance of Stephen Poliakoff's SWEET PANIC
on January 27th at 2pm at the Duke of York's Theatre, St Martins Lane, London.

The cast includes Anthony Keetch, Louise Falkner, Lucy-Anne Holmes, Jacob Howe-Douglas & Sarah Mowat (Susan Mendes/Dalek Empire).

We will kindly be joined by Philip Bird of the main cast.

Looks like Nick Briggs is going to make a third series of Dalek plays, after the success of Dalek Empire and Dalek War. These stories have been amongst the best stuff Big Finish has produced to date. Not sure if Nick will write all six episodes this time, but even if he hands some of the task to Rob Sheaman, we should be in good hands.

Added a short story to the site, by an author unknown (anyone know who?), set sometime between AV22 - 26. It is called Afterthought

I have added lots of original comic strips like this one: click here for more.

Doctor Who Magazine is including a free promotional CD in issue 300 from Big Finish, this has a new version of the AV story Vilgreth, with Sylvester McCoy as the Doctor.

The story is called Last of the Titans and co-stars Nicholas Briggs as Vilgreth, Alistair Lock as Stelpor, it is 31:35 long and includes a short rearrangement of the Who theme by Alistair. (It was recorded in the same session as Summoning of the Scourge.)

Also included is episode one of Storm Warning, the new Paul McGann audio, in readiness for the new stories.

Big Finish have released the new version of The Mutant Phase with Peter Davison and Sarah Sutton (Nyssa). Order it now and let us know what you think of it, especially how it compares to the original.

I have updated the site, very slightly, by adding audio clips for Destructor Contract and Trilexia Threat.

The cover art for Sword of Orion with Paul McGann is now available, not long to wait now... (Is it significant that BF17 = AV17???)

Further details have come to light regarding Kaldor City, the new audio series, involving Alistair Lock (sound) and Alan Stevens. Looks like Patricia Merrick (Ria) is playing Justina, as you can see here in this picture (copyright Andy Hopkinson) with Paul Darrow. And it should be released in the imminent future... More details available here (It also has the fat bloke from Star Cops, yay)

The new Bernice Summerfield adventure The Secret of Cassandra is out now.

Nigel Fairs might finish episode six of Pisces, as one of his new year resolutions... [nag,nag], do not forget to read the new interview with Nigel



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Re-live the early 80's with the first ever Dr Who Computer Game, typed in again by yours truly at justyce.org :-)
  Is there life on Mars?


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