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11 Jan 2001

Doctor Who Magazine is including a free promotional CD in issue 300 from Big Finish, this has a new version of the AV story Vilgreth, with Sylvester McCoy as the Doctor. 

The story is called Last of the Titans and co-stars Nicholas Briggs as Vilgreth, Alistair Lock as Stelpor, it is 31:35 long and includes a short rearrangement of the Who theme by Alistair.  (It was recorded in the same session as Summoning of the Scourge.)

Also included is episode one of Storm Warning, the new Paul McGann audio, in readiness for the new stories.

Big Finish have released the new version of The Mutant Phase with Peter Davison and Sarah Sutton (Nyssa). Order it now and let us know what you think of it, especially how it compares to the original.

I have updated the site, very slightly, by adding audio clips for Destructor Contract and Trilexia Threat.

The cover art for Sword of Orion with Paul McGann is now available, not long to wait now... (Is it significant that BF17 = AV17???)

Further details have come to light regarding Kaldor City , the new audio series, involving  Alistair Lock (sound) and Alan Stevens.  Looks like Patricia Merrick (Ria) is playing Justina, as you can see here in this picture (copyright Andy Hopkinson) with Paul Darrow.  And it should be released in the imminent future... More details available here (It also has the fat bloke from Star Cops, yay)

The new Bernice Summerfield adventure The Secret of Cassandra is out now.

Nigel Fairs might finish episode six of Pisces, as one of his new year resolutions... [nag,nag], don't forget to read the new interview with Nigel



20 July 2000
  Details of Nigel Fairs 1992-94 series of plays, Pisces, are available from This is obviously a work in progress.
Thanks to Sgt. Furlong for providing the Pisces covers
  Voting has begun for everyones favourite (and least favourite) AV plays here
  Nigel Peever (Gregori Glasst) has recorded a spoken word novel on the web through Gareth Preston's excellent fineline productions.
  BBV have announced another video project this time featuring the Cyberons
15 June 2000
  Your chance to be in a BBC Radio Production of Doctor Who! (Deadline for entries July 15). You too can star alongside Sylvester McCoy, Sophie Aldred and Stephen Fry in the pilot episode of Death Comes to Time.
I've updated details about Sword of Orion to include the original crews thoughts on the recording.
A new audio series is underway, involving Chris Boucher, Alistair Lock (sound) and Alan Stevens. Called Kaldor City and involving elements from the Doctor Who story Robots of Death. This looks like it's going to be good!!! (Details from news in the Other Spinoff Audio and Video Section)
Big Finish have released The Spectre of Lanyon Moor
Photos of BFPs new Dalek Empire story (The Apocalypse Element) have been released on the web by one of its stars.
BBV have released The Pattern
Re-live the early 80's with the first ever Dr Who Computer Game, typed in again by yours truly at :-)
Nigel Fairs (Truman) is touring the south of England with Love's the Thing (Shakespeare/Jane Austin drama by Mr.Crouch), only a few dates left
  • Lancing College, 16 June
  • Charleston House, Firle, 23 & 24 June
  • The Bothy, Finchley, July 1st.
31 May 2000  
Paul McGann to star in four new adventures, including a close remake of Sword of Orion and a modern day version of Minuet in Hell. And Nick Briggs is to play the part of Gideon Crane (sic), which will be the first time he offically pretends to be the doctor :-)
  John Ainsworth (Askran) has taken over press & publicity for Big Finish, including control of
  BBV have released a new On Tape for the forthcoming play I, Scream
  Sad news, Andrew Faulds who played Captain 'Jet' Morgan in the radio serial Journey into Space has died aged 77.
25 May 2000  
  Is there life on Mars?
  Bill Baggs was interviewed on Thursday 11 May at 1pm British Summer Time on Passion 106.8FM
  Mutant Phase, Sword of Orion and Minuet in Hell are all planned to be adapted by Big Finish Productions.
  Nicholas Briggs can be seen in Trust and Madness in Chesterfield from 20th - 24th June. click for booking details
9 May 2000  
  BBV have released a downloadable trailer for The Pattern
  Added much more to the interview with Nicholas Briggs here. Including details about BF plans to redo The Mutant Phase and Sword of Orion!
  After a long delay the interviews with Gary Russell and Bill Baggs are back, and better than before.
  Added scans of the original script to Trilixia Threat, enjoy
  Bill Baggs is interviewed live online on Thursday 11 May at 1pm British Summer Time on Passion 106.8FM
  BBV have released to the shops Infidel's Comet and Tom Baker - The Boy Who Kicked Pigs.
  The latest Peter Davison adventure Red Dawn is out now.
25 April 2000  
  I've just had some rewrites of Bill's interview, and I am pleased to say that he has remembered a lot more of the behind the scenes capers this time around. I'll put this interview back when the rewrites have been completed.
  John Ainsworth has very kindly donated scans of the special double cassette packaging for The Mutant Phase and Blood Circuit into Dominic Wilson's Archive.
  The Genocide Machine has been released, this is the new Dalek Empire audio directed by Nicholas Briggs.
  Floorten have released the final episode of The Mobius Trap, download and listen for free!
  BBV have announced the next five audios as Infidel's Comet (Colin Hill/Simon Gerard), The Pattern (Mark Duncan), I Scream (Lance Parkin), Resurrection of the Rani (Pip & Jane Baker) and Race Memory (Paul Ebbs). The new season will also include a couple of On-CD (sic) interviews with Mike Neilson and Alistair Lock
  BBV have had a website overhaul, with Paul Griggs adding a bit of Flash to the site's menu.
  Big Finish Productions have released a very interesting Frequently Asked Questions List outlining their licence with the BBC and their plans for the future.
5 April 2000  
  I've finally finished the Bill Baggs interview and have now put it here.
4 April 2000  
  I've put up my interviews with Gary Russell and Nick Briggs. If anyone has any more questions for these two just email me
  BBV (Bill Baggs) has announced that Tom Baker's "The Boy Who Kicked Pigs", will now be a double CD release, including an interview with the man himself.
3 April 2000  
  This site has had a slight graphics overhaul, plus I'm busily working on an interview with Nick Briggs, so email me any questions you might have...
  Sloth has released some season two scripts for the Audio Visuals, what a busy man he is...
  Big Finish (Gary Russell and Jason Haigh-Ellery) have released The Marian Conspiracy
  BBV (Bill Baggs) has released an On Tape for Season Three of his plays, some of which are now available ( Cybergeddon, Punchline and Old Soldiers). It is called Getting the Joke and is available as an audio download (vqf 2.73Mb) from here.
  Floorten has released another remix of the Doctor Who Theme tune, it is available to download from here.
  This site has been awarded a WebGuide Gold award, thanks Paul.
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