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Alistair Lock 2 Feb

Early experiments

I built a dalek, named Salvador, and started taking it to conventions. At a convention in Swindon I met a guy that played me a tape called 'Sonic Waves' by Alan Hayes. On this particular tape, which had Doctor Who School Days on it, (deeply unfunny) it also had an article about the Space Wail, I listened to it at the time and thought, "coo, that's good, there's someone else out there doing this thing as well". I had written a play, but I hadn't got round to recording it, but this inspired me to get on and do it, this was in 1985.

A year later I was at a Blake' s 7 convention, and I met Gary (Russell) there, and told him that I'd done this tape and he said "Oh, send me a copy", and a week or two later I got a call from Nick (Briggs), who told me"We listened to your play, thought we'd give it five minutes, see what its like, and we listened till the end. It's very good" And it's through that tape that I became involved with the Audio Visuals team. I always say that Nick Briggs was the guy who inspired me to get on with editing my play and doing this kind of editing years before I met him, but he recently told me that he had nothing to do with the first production! Ah well.

As for the play, it was called "Take-Over Bid".  It was just me and a guy called Steve Allen, and I did a sequel with Nick Briggs and Heather Barker, called "Planet without a home". I'm in the process of remastering both of them from the Analogue masters, because a friend of mine wants to release them.


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