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IMPORTANT: This is a piece of AV history,
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audio adventures in time and space
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Welcome to another edition of the irregular Audio Visuals newsletter. The purpose of this is to keep you up to date with some of the events taking place in the Audio Visuals universe.

Firstly, a reminder about the new address above. It is essential that you use this now, and not the old Brokley address as letters sent there are unlikely to be forwarded on. This has also meant a change in the way you can pay for Audio Visuals tapes. Cheques and POs must now be made payable to AUDIO VISUALS.

We're still pretty indundated with outstanding orders from the advert in DWB Magazine, but hopefully the delay is getting shorter. However, that backlog, plus the use of a PO Box, does now mean that (because we're doing all this in our spare time), you ought to allow six weeks for delivery. Of course, we always try our best to get the tapes to you well before that, but sadly we cannot guarantee it!


Not much news to add to last month's newsletter. The Fifth Season is confirmed, but a release date for the first play is a long way off yet! Apologies also to those of you who were led to believe by the DWB advert (our fault, we're afraid) that Justyce, the long-awaited climax to Season Four, was now ready. Sorry, that's not the case - yet! If however, you want to pre-order (£2.00), please feel free to do so. As soon as it is ready you'll automatically be sent your copy. Likewise, anyone wishing to pay in advance for any Season Five plays, feel free to do so. The plays will cost £2.00 each (except double-tape releases which will be £4.00), so it is up to you how much you send in, and when that subscription runs out, we'll let you know as we did with Season Four.


Many of you have been waiting a long time for the new, revamped Season One and Two covers. We apologise again for the delay in dispatching them to you. Rest assured that we have a list of everyone to whom we owe these covers. The Season One covers are finished, and over the next few weeks, they'll be going out to the customers who have been waiting for them. The Season Two covers are not too far behind...

All that remains is for us to remind you of the address and money payee changes and also that anyone requiring a catalogue needs to send us just an A4, SAE. Any queries you have about Audio Visuals, again, just send a stamped, addressed envelope.

The Audio Visuals team is:

Nick Briggs
Erica Galloway
Gary Russell

Audio Visuals is a non-profit-making fan organisation

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