The DoctorNicholas Briggs
SethrumAnthony Townsend
Professor MontroseNick Pegg
BrockleySteve Wickman
GlenmoreSimon Heal
Boss 4/1David Sax
Toy GibsonLorraine Croft
Minister DevlinMark Wyman
Secretary AntrobusChris Webber
Admin Proctor Lucinda VranaHolly King
The SolaadonAnthony Townsend
Additional VoicesGraham Bowden
Howard Phillips
Gary Russell


ScriptErica Galloway
MusicAlistair Lock
Series ThemeGregori Glasst
EditorNick Briggs
DirectorGary Russell
Cover ArtAndy Lambert
AV AssociateJohn Ainsworth
ProducerGary Russell

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The Justyce Saga

This is the end of a long journey for the Doctor...
Deadfall: The Doctor is saved from certain death by a shadowy figure, who scratches the words 'Justyce will be served' on the TARDIS's console.
Requiem: Fionara, would-be companion to the Doctor, is fatally poisoned by a drinks seller. 'Justyce will be served' inscribed on the interior TARDIS doors points to the real culprit.
Cuddlesome: The intangible but deadly threat of Justyce is taking its psychological toll on the Doctor. Then Justyce strikes again, murdering the Doctor's Time Lord nemesis, Askran.
Endurance: For the first time, the Doctor and Truman both witness the presence of Justyce - a definite presense, but with curiously indistinguishable features. The TARDIS narrowly escapes oblivion and is then stolen, leaving the Doctor and Truman to endure the deadly Antarctic elements. When all seems lost, the TARDIS inexplicably returns. Their ordeal behind them, the Doctor and Truman watch grimly as all too familiar words tear into the TARDIS scanner screen... 'Justyce will be served'
Mythos: The Doctor tricks the Necromancer into apparently incinerating a young changeling girl... but the Doctor substituted a replica. Justyce creates a cruel twist, re-substituting the real girl. The Doctor is grief-striken.
Subterfuge: Justyce constructs an elaborate deception, falsifying his identity in the process. It is revealed that Justyce's creation is the result of a Time Paradox 'accidentally' caused by the Doctor (see The Second Solution). The paradox created the possibility of survival for a race - the Solaadons - which would (in the future) be destroyed by Earth's Galactic Empire. Justyce, apparently the embodiment of the pain and anguish of the Solaadons, subjects the Doctor to an emotional ordeal. Depicting the act of genocide committed against the Solaadons by the human race, Justyce convinces the Doctor that he should sacrifice the violent, destructive human race in favour of the enlightened, peaceful Solaadons. Mentally bludgeoned into submission, the Doctor decides not to create the 1605 time paradox, but instead change history. The Earth's Galactic Empire will never exist... Solaados will survive. Sadistically, Justyce stops the Doctor, telling him it is not possible to change what has happened. The Doctor begs to know what Justyce wants of him. His only reply is... 'Justyce will be served'.
Geopath: Justyce infiltrates the all-powerful computer MAGOG, and destroys countless lives on Earth by detonating tiny heart implants in the population. The Doctor traps Justyce in the TARDIS. Fearing for Truman's safety, the Doctor leaves his companion on Earth. This is the final battle... and the Doctor must fight it alone...


Finally, the Doctor turns to fight the foe who has hounded him throughout Time and Space. He thinks he knows what Justyce is. He thinks he knows how Justyce was created. He dares to think that, now, he can defeat Justyce.
But what if all is not what it seems?
Haunting dreams, Solaadon terrorism and evil human ambition conspire to thwart the Doctor. And time is running out...