Gregori GlasstNigel Peever
AnnouncerSimon Trickett
Truman CrouchNigel Fairs
The DoctorNicholas Briggs
The CaptainMatthew Morgan
Mr TharpPaul Moorcroft
FionaraLucy Portch
JupeSimon Trickett
MercMatther Morgan
Prof. ProotJohn Ainsworth
ScriptAndy Lane
RecordingWilliam Baggs
MusicJim Mortimore
Series ThemeGregori Glasst
Editor/DirectorNeil Douglas
Cover ArtAndy Lane
Layout/DesignAndy Lane
ProducerGary Russell
AV ProducerWilliam Baggs

We interrupt this broadcast for a news flash... Reports are coming in that the paradise planet of Ritel Ryana Tropos has been devastated in an unexplained catastrophe. All radio contact was lost fifteen hours ago, and the Conglomerate Vessel 'Goldreserve' was immediately dispatched to the scene. Ritel Ryana Tropos is, of course, the sixth planet in recent months to have suffered the same fate.

A man, believed to be a traveller, is being held by the Conglomerate in connection with these events.

And now we return you to tonight's concert, recorded recently at...... kzzzzt... kzzt....... kthhhh...Ssssssss....

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