The DoctorNicholas Briggs
TrumanNigel Fairs
StallsmanJohn Ainsworth
Fortune Teller/
Snake CharmerGillian Longdon
BarkerAndrew Stocker
EscapoDuncan Lamb
VoicesJohn Ainsworth
Andrew Stocker
David Sax
Duncan Lamb
Gillian Longdon

Directed By
John Vance

Recorded & Edited By
Bill French

Incidential Music By
Owen Parker

Produced By
William Baggs

Illustrated & Designed By
Paul Lunn

A lost time, An abandoned place. Filled with confusion, This is the Carny.... But is it carnival, Or........carnivore?

The Tardis, will it help In the search for Ria? Or will the addiction for Sargol takeover?

There is also The Doctor, Who fights not for life .......But for sanity.
Roll up, Roll up, The time has come To enter the Carny!
If you dare!!!