The DoctorNicholas Briggs
RiaPatricia Merrick
TrumanNigel Fairs
The WomanLinda Baker
BernardNigel Peever
CharlotteGillian Longdon
CaptainRichard Bronte
WinsomeDavid Sax

Directed & Edited By
Neil Douglas

Recorded By
Bill French

Incidental Music By
Patrick Trethui
Nigel Fairs

Produced By
William Baggs

Illustration By Nigel Fairs
Art Editor: Paul Lunn

The Doctor needs a rest, and the tranquil beaches of Majus Seven would seem to be the ideal place. But paradise has its darker side.
Who are the intruders?
What are the hideously deformed creatures that seem to grow out of the ground?
Who is the madwoman on the beach?
And what part has The Doctor in the destiny of the planet itself?