While Greg recovers from Sargol poisoning, the Doctor visits Cal 2, a research facility dealing with the mentally unstable.

There he is alarmed to discover that the lunatics have taken over the asylum!

Originally realeased in 1986 as part of the second season of audio plays from Audio Visuals (a non-profit-making fan organisation).


Since I had kicked off the whole series of plays with The Space Wail , Bill Baggs asked me to start off the second run of AV plays.

Richard Marson had left the ensemble and so I came up with the idea of the character of Greg being ill, speaking only lines that could be lifted from other stories and unused segments. Secondly, Ria, the new companion had to be introduced. In Sam Flint's The Mutant Phase (recorded prior to but released after Maenad), the idea of her unique physiology and the name of the Tri-Planet Alliance of Calfodoria had been established. I had to 'work backwards' to fit these concepts in.

Once more, I borrowed heavily from sources - most obviously, the classic Cocteau film-noir The Cabinet of Dr Caligari. One point of interest, Kranten was originally a man, but Gary Russell decided that a flirtatious 'old friend' would be far more interesting. Ann O'Neill, a mutual friend, is an SRN in real life! Warren Martyn, May '92


Maenad was the second story to be recorded in AV's second season. The recording took place near Ruislip (London) on a hot summer's day during 1986.

This play was another victim of the theft which cost AV many of its master tapes. For Maenad, director Gary Russell saw this as a blessing. It gave him and Jim Mortimore an opportunity to tidy up a few loose ends. Some lines of over-melodramatic dialogue were removed and more music cues were added. Owen Parker was credited as composer on the original tapes sleeve, but was unable to fulfil his commitment. Maenad's original score and the additional cues were composed and played by Jim Mortimore.

This was Patricia Merrick's first 'appearance' as companion Ria, and the last play to feature Richard Marson as Greg Holmes, albeit in out-takes and unused lines from Cloud of Fear and Shadow World. Both characters appear in The Mutant Phase, but portrayed by different actors.


Announcer Roxy Boulter
Dr Kranten Ann O'Neill
The Doctor Nicholas Briggs
Chi'ian Rayden Anthony Dexter
Draconian Ambassador Colin Brake
Kantrian Commissioner Jason Haigh-Ellery
Channon Suzanne Barrett
Anton Luther Andrew Beech
Ria Patricia Merrick
Greg Holmes Richard Marson
Script Warren Martyn
Music Jim Mortimore
Series Theme Brian Marshall