The Doctor and his companion Greg arrive in a deserted subway - but this isn't Earth. The trains are without crew or passengers. A shapeless horror is waiting to induce a ghastly compulsion.

Originally released in 1985 as part of the first season of audio plays from Audio Visuals (a non-profit-making fan organisation).

This story is the unbelievably modest beginning of an epic saga in the Audio Visuals universe. Originally titled Dark City, Conglomerate was considered as a filler story, possibly for inclusion on the end of the Cloud of Fear tape. However, as is so often the case with these plays, Conglomerate overran, and won its own release.

Conglomerate Stories

This story establishes the 'values' of the galactic consortium, Conglomerate. You'll meet the chairman of the board, but you won't discover the real power, or indeed the movitivation behind the company. Those elements are developed in season two's Destructor Contract, season three's Enclave Irrelative and season four's Requiem and Subterfuge. This, as they say, was only the beginning...
Arthur Wallis, February 1990


In 1987, the master tapes for stories 1 - 8 were stolen. All the plays were remastered from their surviving four-tracks. As a result, some of these plays were altered slightly.

In the case of Conglomerate, the mix between dialogue, sound effects and music was improved. Graham Wood's music, composed on one Korg synthesizer, was 'beefed up' with the addition of stereo reverb effects, giving the music a 'fuller' sound.

On Tape

This is the first AV tape to feature an On Tape section. Gary Russell talks to Bill Baggs (the producer) and Nick Briggs (the Doctor) about the plans for the future of the plays. At the time, we felt this was somewhat self indulgent, but it proved very popular. On Tapes have since become a semi-regular feature of AV tapes. You have been warned!


TannoyDavid Sax
Greg HolmesRichard Marson
The DoctorNicholas Briggs


ScriptArthur Wallis
MusicGraham Woods
Series ThemeBrian Marshal
EditorNick Briggs
DirectorsNick Briggs & Richard Marson
Cover ArtAnthony Townsend
ProducerWilliam Baggs

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