A newly regenerated Doctor and his companions Greg and Nadia land on Temperos. Could it be that the legendary Time being, the Temperon is not a legend after all? Or are the Daleks up to their old tricks again?

Originally released in 1985 as part of the first season of audio plays from Audio Visuals (a non-profit-making fan organisation).

New Doctor

This is the debut story for Nicholas Briggs as the Doctor. However, it was the second story he recorded, the first being Connection 13 (released as tape number 3).

Author's Note
It has often been said that Daleks are not very good conversationalists, and therefore not very stimulating to write for. However, I must say I like writing for characters who have unswerving motivations, and let's face it, the Daleks are positively obsessive.

In this story, they encounter a creature which proved very popular with us (mainly because of its husky voice!) and, more importantly, our listeners... the Temperon!

If any of you share an enthusiasm for Temperons, you may be interested in their return to the Audio Visuals universe in the second season story, The Destructor Contract .
Arthur Wallis, February 1990

This story was a nightmare of constant cast changes and actor unavailability. Sally Baggs was unable to attend the recording. Her lines were consequently recorded and inserted later. Nick Briggs was the only other member of the cast able to attend this second session.

A third session was mounted to record the Dalek voices. The intention had been for cast members to double as Dalek voices. However, Bill Baggs couldn't obtain the essential 'ring modulator' in time. Post production editing began without Dalek voices. Luckily, Bill eventually secured Michael Wisher to provide the metallic monotones. He also recorded the judge's speech from The Space Wail and the Space Buoy for The Time Ravagers in the same session.

The Time Ravagers was one of the master tapes stolen in 1987. This is a remixed version which contains some extra music.
Patrick Trethui, December 1991

Space BuoyMichael Wisher
Captain StrideGary Russell
HarlanBill French
OkkerbyDeborah Marson
The DoctorNicholas Briggs
Greg HolmesRichard Marson
NadiaSally Baggs
DaleksMichael Wisher & David Sax

ScriptArthur Wallis
MusicGraham Woods
Series ThemeBrian Marshall
EditorsNick Layton & Nick Briggs
DirectorPatrick Trethui
Cover ArtSteve Berry
ProducerWilliam Baggs
Audio Visuals is a non-profit-making fan organisation