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Audio Visuals (AV) was a non-profit making fan organization which existed for pretty much the same reason as all Doctor Who fan activities; to indulge enthusiasm for that programme. AV did this in a rather unique way - they produced original Doctor Who drama on audio tape. The audio plays are produced in appreciation of Doctor Who, but they do not seek to mimic the television programme. There is, of course, the Doctor, the TARDIS, companions and even some familiar foes, but it is a different Doctor, not an imitation of the seven televised Doctors.

The series stars Nicholas Briggs as the Doctor. For those who are familiar with the Reeltime Mythmakers series of interview tapes, you already know Nicholas Briggs as the interviewer. Also, Briggs stars in the recent BBC Film Club 'Stranger and Miss Brown' video In Memory Alone. Briggs is brilliant as the Doctor! It is hard to pin down his portrayal in terms of the other seven, but he does possess that undefinable 'Doctorishness'. If pressed, I would describe him as a more powerful Davison.

The original producer of the AV series was William Baggs, whom, after three seasons of Audio Visuals went on the become the producer of the BBC Film Club and their 'Stranger and Miss Brown' series. In fact, two of the first three Stranger videos are based on AV plays. More Than A Messiah, the second Stranger video started out as the third season AV play of the same name. In Memory Alone was AVs first season Conglomerate. Season four of the AV series saw a new producer, Gary Russell, whom many will know as the editor of Doctor Who Monthly magazine.

There are obvious benefits to an audio format which, sadly, were not fully realized by the BBC's attempt with Slipback. Budget is no longer a constraint to special effects or sets, though perhaps the listeners imagination is. :-) These tapes do not feature any narration, they are fully dramatized with a complete cast and original scoring (incredibly good scoring considering this is fan group). By their second season AV could only be called a professional fan organization, as the quality of plays had surpassed pretty much any other radio or audio product.

Current Availability

We wuld be categorically ad absolutely against the old AVs being made available again
- which why we haven't done so ourselves. Thery are snapshots of our pasts,
if you like, and prefer them to sty tht way.

Which seems a bit miserable and grumpy but that's the way it is.  Sorry.

Gary Russell

Feburary 1999 on distributing these stories via the net (i.e. MP3)

The Beginning



60 min

The Doctor with his companion Greg Holmes, materializes the TARDIS on a starship in the far future. It soon transpires that they are on a death ship, transporting condemned prisoners to their point of execution. However, also aboard is a sentient computer known as BABE. Very soon the Doctor, the prisoners and the crew all find themselves allied against a common threat; an all powerful computer gone mad!

The Doctor is played by Stephen Payne and his companion Greg and added companion Nadia are played by Richard Marsdon and Sally Baggs. The production values are surprising good for a fan production and the music is especially surprising since the AV team compose their own score.

'The Space Wail' served solely as an experiment and with the experience gained and lots of constructive criticism and support from fans, the AV team decided to do three seasons of Doctor Who plays. with a few changes...

The First Season



90 min

A newly regenerated Doctor and his companions Greg and Nadia, find themselves on the planet Temperos where something very peculiar is happening to time. It would appear that the legendary time being, The Temperon, is not a legend after all. In fact, it has been captured and is being used to manipulate time by the Doctor's oldest foes - the Daleks!


60 min

Allied with UNIT on Earth, 1990 the Doctor investigates several apparently accidental deaths. All seems to revolve around an international satellite network. It becomes apparent that an alien power intends to use the network of thirteen satellites to irrevocably change the face of the Earth. Time is running out to connection thirteen...


60 min

A deserted city, an automated underground system and a malevolent formless entity. The Doctor and Greg materialize to get their bearings, but get a shock instead. As Greg dodges an aerial bomb attack, the Doctor has been enrolled in the Conglomerate School of Promising Executives. As the chairman always says, what's happiness and contentment, or law, when their is money to be had?

This story sets up the first element of AV continuity: the company known as Conglomerate. This play was adapted by the BBC Film Club for their 'Stranger' video In Memory Alone.


90 min

The TARDIS passes though a mysterious cloud and materializes in network of catacombs. There, along with the survivors of the trapped ship Christabel, the Doctor and Greg are taunted and fed on by the mind parasites known as psionovores. Greg faces his worst nightmares and the Doctor is brought face to face with the knowledge of his own death...


60 min

On the planet Kelfer the Doctor encounters a stranded fellow Time Lord; Askran. Aided by his assistant Miranda, Askran has distributed a highly dangerous drug called Sargol to the local inhabitants making them totally dependent on him. Using Greg as a pawn, Askran enlists the Doctors help. Sargol: the entrance to the Shadow World, wherein lies the gateway to untold power, and untold pain...

The Second Season



90 min

The Doctor takes Greg, who is suffering Sargol withdrawal, to the Cal-Med One orbiting medical station. While Greg is cared for, the Doctor joins a party of officials from the Galactic Federation on their tour of Cal Two, a specialized institute for the criminally insane, located in a domed structure on the unlivable planet Cal Med One orbits. However, a new, twisted use for the asylum has been found, where pain is at the touch of a button, and you can create life with the power of your mind...


60+60 min

Greg is drawn to Analyas Seven, which 'offers you a new life'. Upon arrival he, and the Doctor's recent companion Ria, become pawns in a game of genetic engineering, while the Doctor is forced to the home planet of the rulers of Analyas Seven - Skaro! There, the Emperor himself awaits his second meeting with the Doctor...


90 min

The TARDIS defences are penetrated by the jettisoned flight recorder of a recently destroyed starship. The information on it is vital to the peace of the galaxy. However, Cuthbert, the president of Conglomerate, is well aware that war sells and has no intention that that message be heard. And as they tell you in the Conglomerate School; Conglomerate IS the law!

You also get a bonus short adventure Vilgreth on this tape.


60 min

A lush green world populated by agricultural colonists. A space craft of totally reliant robotic servants. A planet turned to dust and an insectoid intelligence of frightening power. The Doctor is embroiled in deadly events, culminating in a world-shattering decision.


90 min

"The legends of Gallifrey speak of a world that is darkness and pain... and the name of the world they speak of is Hell..." Earth, 1762. Drugged and bound in Bedlam, the Doctor isn't even sure of his own identity, but another inmate is... Meanwhile, at Medenham Abbey, Count Ogolien, one of a race of ancient enemies to the Time Lords, prepares for the ultimate materialization; almighty Lucifer... the Devil himself!


90+60 min

Forces strong enough to break the normal bounds of space and time have crippled the TARDIS, and stranded the Doctor and Ria on the storm torn planet Klandros. The ensuing battle between greed, ancient power and twisted life will strike at the very heart of the TARDIS and her crew.

The Third Season



60 min

"... calling the Doctor ... calling the Doctor ... Earth in danger ... you must ... respond to this emergency situation ... ... ... Earth will be destroyed! ..." A garbled message sends the Doctor to Earth, to prevent it's destruction in 1990. A seemingly unbeatable time-paradox threatens the very survival of the planet and poses an impossible dilemma for Ria and the Doctor.

Nabil Shaban, who played Sil in the TV series, guest stars in this slightly too short adventure.


90 min

On Nemetoda, the Doctor and Ria discover that well meaning Tellurian colonialism has gotten rather out of hand. Hindered by the narrow mindedness of the military, the Doctor seeks to solve the complex ecological puzzle of Nemetoda and save the Nemetodans from Genocide.

A request for some real Earth cultivated tea serves as one of the most unique story introductions ever in this 'lighter' eco-thriller. Natural humour abounds.


90 min

A fairy world of princesses and giants where magic is a reality and science is a forbidden blasphemy? With the TARDIS hopelessly lost, the Doctor, and companions Truman and Ria fight through a nightmare of bizarre events. Not knowing which way to turn, the Doctor turns to logic, only to discover that in an irrelative enclave, even logic has no meaning...


60 min

The Doctor needs a rest, and the tranquil beaches of Majus 17 would seem the ideal place. But paradise has a darker side. Who are the intruders? What are deformed creatures that seem to grow out of the ground? Who is the mad woman on the beach who claims to be more than a God? And what part has the Doctor in the destiny of the planet itself?


90 min

A savage conflict in the Orion system has repercussions, even in the derelict hulk riddled wastes of Garrazone. A salvage ship, her crew and the Doctor find themselves on a derelict star destroyer. For the scrapship captain, this could be the salvage of a lifetime... or is there a deeper meaning? However, after centuries of hibernation, the mission assigned to the Cybermen crew of the star destroyer remains the same...


90 min

The Doctor receives a telepathic message - the desperate screams of the dying. His mental defences weakened, the Doctor finds himself in the bizarre world of the Carny. But is it carnival or carnivore? All he meet seem to have a message to convey, but the questions keep building. Truman, left in the TARDIS, has his own problems. Has the TARDIS gone mad, or is it more perceptive than even the Doctor realizes? Watch out for the Carny - it bites!


90+60 min

The Doctor and Truman have arrived on the Planet Ardethe, intent on locating Ria. Her sister bound for the same direction, intent on finding the Doctor, the man responsible for Ria's tortures. None of them can anticipate the terrible truth of this world and the scheme which involves the destruction of every race that was ever a threat to the Universe's most evil force. At the centre of it all, poised like a spider in its web... the Emperor of the Daleks!

The Fourth Season


'Justyce Will Be Served'


90 min

The truth surrounding Ardethe has been uncovered, leaving Truman stranded, friendless and homeless. A group of prisoners - commissioned under Earth's penal reforms to act as scavengers - locating precious metals, discovers Truman trapped in a nutrient experimentation tank within miles of ruined Dalek architecture. When rescuing Truman, the prisoners also take on board an unexpected, and very unwelcome visitor. Even in defeat, the Daleks never miss an opportunity...

This show sets up the umbrella plot Justyce will be served, that lasts for the entire season.


90 min

The Doctor is back. Hardened and embittered by his recent experiences, he and Truman find their previous friendship under strain. The situation is not helped by the destruction of the populous of seven planets. A Conglomerate ship is also investigating, and their prime suspect is the Doctor! However, even more ominous is the fact that shadows from the Doctor's past are catching up with him - something claiming Justyce...


90 min

Triumph has turned to sorrow at the hands of an entity known only as Justyce. The Doctor is hesitant to leave the confines of the TARDIS for fear of Justyce claiming Truman's life. But matters on Earth in 1989 force him to act. Askran, the renegade Time Lord, seems intent on slaughtering an entire generation. But that is merely a piece of the puzzle. And always, as etched into the TARDIS console, the words 'Justyce Will Be Served' ring true!


90+90 min

The Doctor is tricked into being stranded in the Antarctic wastes in 1929 by Justyce. He and Truman join a scientific expedition into the mountains and discover the original capital of Earth, dating back to the Silurian age of this world. Race memory stirs blind fear in the human explorers, or is the city truly inhabited?


90+60 min

There is a land, a magical land, that shall be populated by unicorns, wizards, golems and the evil Necromancer. There is a land where the laws of science shall not apply. There is a land where Justyce shall again seek retribution for the crimes done unto him. There is a land, and it shall be named Mythos... "Don't you understand? Mythos is a dream born of fire... and to fire it must return!"


90+60 min

Conglomerate: a rapacious galactic corporation where success is measured by profitability, and human worth is not even on the scale. Cuthbert: the President whose path has crossed the Doctor's more than once. Posedor: the liberator of the planet Nemetoda, now the General Secretary of the Congress of Galactic Ecologists... a man of the past. Justyce: am enigma, to be solved.


90 min

Earth. The future. A future run with calm efficiency by Cartel, headed by Sir James Chrichton. He and his team, including the remarkable AI computer MAGOG, have discovered a stone of astonishing power in the Earth's crust. The power is also felt by Helen Remick, one of the renegade geophytes who enlists the Doctor's aid. In turn, Justyce takes a hand in events, making a bad situation worse, much worse!

This story features Peter Miles (Nider from Genesis of the Daleks) and is written by sci-fi novelist Stephen Bowkett.


90 min

In a desperate attempt to rid himself of Justyce, the Doctor gambles on a theory. However, his plans seem doomed from the beginning. Isolated on the planet Solaados, the Doctor is powerless to unravel the complex tangle of social unrest, historical inevitability and bizarre recurring dreams. Only a dying civilization can help... but the time of 'ceasing' is rapidly approaching! And the power of Justyce is now almost infinite!


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